Paintball 101

Paintball is an exciting recreational game and organized sport played around the globe year round, outdoors and indoors. The most basic game is “Capture the Flag” where the object is to capture the other team’s flag and return it to your team’s home base “flag station” for the win, while defending your own flag from the other team!  A game field is scattered with natural or artificial terrain, which players use for strategic play. Rules for playing paintball vary, but can include capture the flag, elimination, defending or attacking a particular point or area, or capturing objects of interest hidden in the playing area. Depending on the variant played, games can last from seconds to hours, or even days in scenario play.

Play Paintball What is needed to play paintball?

Paintball Safety What about safety?

Paintball Costs What does it cost?

Hurt Playing Paintball Does it hurt to get hit with a paintball?

Private Paintball Games Do paintball fields offer private games?

Prepared For Paintball Are you prepared for the adrenaline rush of paintball?

Open Paintball Games and Admission Open games & general admission

Buy Paintballs at the field Can I buy paintballs at the field?

Do Paintball splats stainDo paintball splats stain?

Paintball Games Last How long do paintball games last?

How to play the game
Simply put, Paintball is a sport where players shoot paintballs at each other and when players are hit they are out of the game. The basic goal of paintball is to remove players from the game and capture the opponents flag and return it to the home base = Win. Paintball Games Last

Basic Paintball Equipment
Information on Markers, Loaders, Goggles, Air Tanks, Paintballs, Protective Clothing, Pods, Harnesses.Paintball Games Last

How paintballs are made
Softgels are made on special, very expensive, softgel encapsulating machines. In 1933, Robert Scherer designed and patented the first such machine. Here’s how a softgel encapsulation machine works:Paintball Games Last

The History of Paintball
The evolution of the game of paintball began in the late 1970’s, when the Nelson Paint Company developed a gas-operated gun and marking pellets for a variety of industries, including Forestry and Ranching.Paintball Games Last

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