Empire Paintball Video Channels

Are you ready to see the latest videos from Empire Paintball? Prepare to have your retinas burned out by awesomeness! With video channels like Tips ‘n Tricks, The Sunday Club, Meat Popsicle and Frostbite, you’ll see tons of paintball info and fun coming your way. Check out the latest paintball products and the sickest gear in the industry from Empire Paintball.
Battle Tested makes milsim paintball markers and paintball gear. Have you joined the Empire Battle Tested Paintball Brotherhood? Whether you like to take the front lines or hide in the shadows like a sniper, Empire Battle Tested can take you there. With channels like Heavy Metal, Controlled Pairs, Blackout and R&R, we’ll show you what it’s like to win every battle.
From rookie to pro, JT Paintball can show you the way and prepare you for greatness. JT has always been known for quality products and the ability to reach new players. Are you new to the game? Take a peek at our videos where we’ll run you through The Blackboard, ProTips and The Rec Room. Ride JT to the top, learn from the paintball pros and have some fun.


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