Empire 2 Pod Pouch

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Need to carry some extra paintballs with you on the field then the Empire 2 Pod Paintball Pouch is what you’ll need. The 2 Pod Pouch securely slips right onto your belt or you can purchase the Empire Adjustable Clip Belt to help keep you running at full speed without feeling weighed down. Individual  Velcro flaps allow easy access to the two 100 or 140 round paintball pods (not included). Light, simple and affordable brought to you by Empire Paintball.


  • Holds 2 pods of paint
  • Fits 100 and 140 round pods
  • Velcro™ straps to secure pods
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Optional Adjustable Clip sold separately
  • Pods and paint not included

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Empire 2 Pod Pouch - Empire Paintball Markers and Gear